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        Dibasic ester DBE(the same as Dupont DBE)  

      DBE high-efficiency·safe·environmental protection
      Mixture of hexanedioic acid, pentane diacid and butane diacid dibasic esters. It is low toxic environmental protective solvent. It is clarifying colorless liquid with low volatility and high solubility that is widely used in synthesis resin and coating production.

      Molecular weight


      Distillation range, °C


      Flash point, °C


      Proportion, 25°C


      Viscosity, centipoise 25°C


      Solubility, weight%


      Freezing point, °C


      Surface tension, dyne/cm


      specific resistance, teraohm


      Technical index


      Premium grade

      Ester content%






      Acid value,mgKOH/g


      Chroma, APHA


      Chemical performance
      It is stable in common temperature and humidity.
      DBE use
      Wood coating
      DBE has high boiling point and long distillation range, and can adjust volatile speed, improve smooth and level and prevent rime fog. It is dissolving in alcohol, acetone, butyl ester, glycol ether, etc.
      Stoving varnish industry
      DBE has special volatility. With the increasing of temperature, DBE volatile speed increasing is faster than other solvent.
      Ink industry
      Some ink, such as SCREENINK, always needs high boiling solvent, such as ISOPHORONE, but it has high toxicity and fume.
      Resin industry
      DBE has low viscosity. It can reduce the viscosity and does not reduce molecular weight or solid content. It also can increase solid content during maintaining viscosity.
      Industrial detergent
      DBE can effectively remove partial firming paint of on equipment and work area. It is well solvent for polyurethane, acrylic acid, epoxy, polyester and alcohol acid ester.
      DBE adopts 200L colorful paint iron drum package, net weight 220 kg. Transport it as the rules of common liquid.
      It does not have any special requirements during storage without any corrosive and optical chemical reaction.

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